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I was born in Southern California (San Fernando Valley)  
and I have an identical twin brother  and a

younger sister   I am married to a beautiful 

woman who is also an identical twin!!   It was love at first sight and the day I saw her I knew I was going to marry here. At the time, I didn’t realize she was a twin, but when I discovered she was, I knew it was meant to be.  
After graduating from UCLA  in 1999 with a degree in Physiology, I decided to put Med School off for a bit while I “find myself”. I found myself traveling to France & Spain
 and absolutely fell in love with the

Mediterranean . When I returned from my month long dream, I realized I couldn't just continue tutoring high school & college students in Math & Science and that I had to get real about life by getting a career, so I ended up working for Universal Studios making video games.   While it wasn’t my passion, it allowed me to travel, which was my true passion, and I had the fortune of visiting places like Japan, Vancouver B.C., NYC, Chicago, and San Francisco in a way I would not have otherwise.
In May 2004, my twin brother talked me into making the move from Los Angeles to Sacramento (Rocklin) to work in the Real Estate Finance business.  I started work for a large California mortgage lender where I spent 7 years as their top originator.   In 2011 I opened up a branch in Rocklin for smaller bank with my twin brother               and in 2012 we were recruited to another large mortgage lender. After doing about 5 months of due diligence, we discovered they were the right place due to their strengths as a lender.  After spending 3 years there as one of their top Producers, I made the move to Supreme Lending because of their extremely competitive rates, super fast turn times, breadth of programs, and superior support in Operations.  

What I love about living up here is that most people are decent, genuine, and hard-working. There are many outdoor activities to do, and compared to LA, Northern California has more of a “small town” feel without the claustrophobia small towns can have.    And it seems that everyone describes this place as “not far from S.F. and not far from Tahoe”, and while it’s become cliché to say that, it’s true and I like that.
I love spending time with family & friends.  My wife and I have a son and a new baby girl and my twin brother & his wife have 3 amazing kids. Being a Father and Uncle is something I would’ve never imagined would feel this great.  My wife acheived her 8 year dream and opened a restaurant in Roseville, CA called the Four Sisters Cafe, which makes just about everything from scratch.  We love to travel and take weekend trips to see new places and try new foods.   We thank the Lord everyday for having found each other and feel so blessed to have such great people in our lives. 
I’m so grateful that I have chosen a career where I can help people because helping others gives me such satisfaction.  I truly believe that giving is the greatest way to receive joy.  My number one goal is delivering the highest customer satisfaction.  I love what I do and working with people to afford homeownership or to improve their financial situation is something I am passionate about. 


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