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Home affordable refinance program | HARP 2

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The HARP 2.0 refinance program is available now.  This is a great refi program from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac because it allows homeowners to refinance if their mortgage is underwater. Are you thinking about refinancing?  

If you're wondering how to refinance or when to refinance, call Justin Lees at 916-276-7618 or you can apply online (see below).  I've been showing homeowners how to make their home affordable since 2004.  It's important to know when to refinance and for those looking for the home affordable refinance program, now could be the right time.  

The home affordable refinance program will help people refinance your home without an appraisal in most cases.  
The HARP 2.0 refinance program does have some requirements, but they're easier than normal refinancing.  Here is a link that has more information about the home affordable refinance program.  CLICK HERE

Refinancing is a great option to help you save money for other things like home projects, paying down debt or saving for a vacation.  

Refinancing can also help you save money for College.  A refi could possibly save you enough money to buy a new car.  

Justin Lees has been helping homeowners refinance or buy homes since 2004.  He has access to the most competitive interest rates available in the market.  His passion is helping people and his commitment to the highest customer service is evident by those who work with him.  Mon - Sun you can get a hold of Justin Lees and the level of personal service you feel.  

To see if you qualify for the home affordable refinance program, call Justin Lees at 916-276-7618 or APPLY ONLINE.  


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