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California USDA Loan

This program is a true zero money down program in California.  There is very little monthly mortgage insurance on this program, however, there are income limits based on the County and the program is restricted to rural cities.
 CLICK HERE to see if you qualify for this program (no credit check required).  Regarding income, USDA considers the income of everyone living in the house whether they are on the loan or not.  They also have rather conservative debt-to-income ratios so you have to make enough to qualify for the loan, but not too much that you're ineligible for the program. 

California VA Loan

This program is also a true zero money down program in California.  It's restricted to Veterans of the military and the borrower must have a DD214.  In addition to be zero money down, there is also zero mortgage insurance.  And if the Veteran is disabled, there is no up front VA funding fee.  While Veterans may think any lender who offers VA loans will offer the same thing, but there are some special ways the Veteran should write the offer to make it stand out.  

Click the article below to learn some strategies to making your VA offer stronger.

[Article coming soon]

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