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Choosing the right loan program involves much more than just knowing if you want a fixed loan vs. an ARM loan, or a 30 year term vs. a 20 year term. 

It’s actually MORE IMPORTANT that you have BOTH the right person AND the right company backing you through the oftentimes treacherous journey known as loan origination.
Finding the right person & the right company involves asking the right questions and having the right information.  I have split the list of qualities among the loan originator and the lender so you can ask the right questions when searching for the right loan program.
A great loan originator should be:
  • Someone who you feel is genuine, sincere and who you can trust.
  • Someone who clearly demonstrates they have your best interest in mind.
  • Someone who is available to you day & night and will respond when you need it.
  • Someone who has either been referred or has testimonials you can read.
  • Someone with the experience to overcome obstacles present in the transaction.
  • Someone who tenaciously goes above & beyond in ways that others don't.
A great lender should be:
  • One who has a reputation for excellence and the highest level of service.
  • One who has competitive rates & costs with access to most loan programs.
  • One who uses local appraisers that understand the market in which you live.
  • One who can move fast and can get your loan closed ahead of schedule.
  • One who is able to reduce your LOCKED interest rate after the market improves.
  • One who services their loans thus allowing underwriting exceptions 
  • One who is a "direct lender", which oftentimes means fewer guideline "overlays".

What Makes Me Different? 

As a veteran of the real estate finance industry since 2004, it's always been my intent to set myself apart from my peers. One way I’ve done this is through my approach to working with borrowers. For starters, I treat them like a boss I'm trying to impress. Regardless of the underwriting obstacles faced in the process, I continue until the job is done and my customers are happy.  My work ethic and integrity are things that were instilled in me when I was young. That work ethic and integrity have placed me among the Top Producers at every company for which I've worked.  And today my business is 100% referral as a result of that.  I’m proud to help buyers and homeowners with the biggest financial transaction they will make in their lives.  And it’s something I plan to continue doing for the rest of my career.


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